Home & Kitchen Appliances
The Home & Kitchen Appliances we provide are the smartest appliances used in every kitchen to cut the time and effort of the cook. The range includes different appliances with different functionalities. Users find these extremely attractive and functional.
The Massagers we provide are useful for homes, spas and parlors. Provided are highly useful for the foot massages and give relief from muscle stiffness and ache. Also, these ensure simple usages. 
Induction Cooker
The Induction Cookers we deal in are useful for transferring the electrical energy via the process of induction. These provide simple cooking and make use of uniform heat. With the right techniques, varieties of dishes can be cooked with ease.
Hair Dryer
Offered Hair Dryers are the highly useful in grooming solutions, used by both girls and boys. These assist in hair drying with temperature adjustment. Also, these are useful in styling of the hairs. Simple in use, these handy dryers can be carried for holidays as well. 
Multi Brand LED & LCD
Our range of Multi Brand LED & LCD solutions allow for high brightness and energy-efficient usages. These add décor and functionality to different settings. Accessibility in different sizes and models is with us. 
Solar Product
The Solar Products allow users to save energy and make efficient use of the solar light at the right time. The lamps and lights we provide are simple in use. They are easy to carry for travelling as well.
Vegetable Cutter
We are dealing in Vegetable Cutters, which are used for chopping different sorts of fruits and vegetables. These proffer simple, convenient and safe usage in home, cafes and restaurants. Their design makes their functionality easier. 
Travel Bags
Pack everything with ease for your holidays, with our exclusive range of Travel Bags. Simple to carry and move around, these enable effortless movement. These are offered in different colors, features and sizes as per the different needs.  
We offer optimum quality Geysers provided by us are demanded by salons, spas, parlors etc. These allow for simple usages and boast of rust and shock-proof construction. The hot water these provide is instant and is according to the need. 
Water Purifier
Offer high-quality Water Purifiers are made for their effective, essential and convenient usages in homes and offices. These look so modish and have been proffered with advanced reverse osmosis technology. Water purification technology of these ensure total removal of contaminants from the water used for drinking. 
Juicers offered at us are useful for the extracting the juices of various fruits and vegetables. These kitchen appliances are so smart and durable. Provided are the multi-purpose appliances that ensure to provide the fresh juices, according to the desired consistency.  
Electric Iron
The Electric Irons we provide allow for dry and wet ironing of clothes. These are energy-efficient and user-friendly appliance, which are used to remove wrinkles from the attires made of different fabrics. Offered travel-friendly solutions have compact sizes and simple uses. 
Stove & Burners
Offered Stove & Burners are simple to use kitchen appliance, used for cooking food with the process of boiling, heating and frying. The range has stoves of 2 and 3 burners. Simple in use, these allow for effortless maintenance and cleaning. 
Mixer Grinder
The Mixer Grinders are the smart kitchen appliances used to make the blends of spices and others so as to prepare the gravies and condiments for different recipes. Their modish design enable simple usages and convenience. 

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